Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kelly Thomas's death in Fullerton, California

The Kelly Thomas case in Fullerton, California, sure seems like a clear case of police abuse. Not all the facts are known publicly yet, but what is known paints a picture of some sadistic behavior by somebody.

I hope the independent investigations (more than one?) find out what the real story is, and if somebody needs to be held accountable for justice to be done, then so be it.

See the history of this unfortunate case at Wikipedia:

Kelly Thomas (beating victim) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Humans as a Natural Resource

In many countries (I'm in the USA) we treat trees and animals as natural resources, and protect them, even nurture them with our tax revenue.

I believe it's time we treat humans as least as equally well. In addition to protecting the health of wild animals such as bears, wolves, and so on, we should also make a societal effort to protect the health of people. In this, more should be done in the USA toward insuring health care coverage for all, rich and poor. I would even go for having the federal government take over the issue of health insurance completely, funding it with tax dollars so it is affordable at a minimum level for all. Rich people would still be able to purchase more if they wish, and poor people would get some health care that will keep them from becoming an even greater "burden" by helping keep them healthy.

The current deep recession is causing us as a nation to reevaluate many things, and to redo our priorities. If millions of us are to become or remain homeless, we should at a minimum be able to say, "At least we have our health."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cheers to Food Not Bombs in Orlando

I want to give a big shout out to a fine organization that unselfishly feeds homeless and underemployed people with healthy food, sometimes at sacrifice to themselves. It is Food Not Bombs, in Orlando, Florida (and worldwide, actually). I may say more about them later in another post, but for now I simply want to say thank you for the good work you do.

An appeal for a little help

In Africa now there is a drought that is threatening ten million people.

If we have enough to eat ourselves, it might be a compassionate thing to donate some money toward feeding these unfortunate people. One good organization is the World Food Program, but you might prefer another charity. Let's please contribute even a small amount. As little as $5 (US) would help feed a child and is unlikely to make a big dent in our own personal well being. Please spread the word.

New Blog

I will use this blog for posts that normally would go into my web site, but are more appropriate to a blog. Also, this will make it easier for me to post what I think are interesting news items, or simply to sound off from time to time. Having an easier way to make posts might cause me to make them more often. That's a good thing or a bad thing depending on your view of my writing, I guess.

So, let's get started with something important in the next post.