Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Humans as a Natural Resource

In many countries (I'm in the USA) we treat trees and animals as natural resources, and protect them, even nurture them with our tax revenue.

I believe it's time we treat humans as least as equally well. In addition to protecting the health of wild animals such as bears, wolves, and so on, we should also make a societal effort to protect the health of people. In this, more should be done in the USA toward insuring health care coverage for all, rich and poor. I would even go for having the federal government take over the issue of health insurance completely, funding it with tax dollars so it is affordable at a minimum level for all. Rich people would still be able to purchase more if they wish, and poor people would get some health care that will keep them from becoming an even greater "burden" by helping keep them healthy.

The current deep recession is causing us as a nation to reevaluate many things, and to redo our priorities. If millions of us are to become or remain homeless, we should at a minimum be able to say, "At least we have our health."

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